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Association of Legal Entities


Association of legal entities “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship” (RCE) is one of the largest business associations in Belarus. It was founded on August 2, 2007 by the initiative of sectoral and regional business associations. The idea that became the basis for RCE foundation was “Belarus National Business Platform” – a document that defines prospects of entrepreneurship development in Belarus and ways of cooperation between private, public sectors and civil society. 


The Confederation unites leading regional and sectoral business associations and private enterprises. Today there are 123 members in the RCE, including 31 business associations, 13 business support centres, 5 business incubators and 4 higher education institutions. Polish-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also a member of RCE. The rest of the members are commercial enterprises.

The RCE’s priorities are the development of small, medium and large-scale business, enhancement of business environment in Belarus. The Confederation is engaged in the activities directed at development of entrepreneurship and stimulation of economic initiative of Belarusians. One of our priorities is assistance to foreign companies and businessmen interested in starting a business in Belarus or cooperation with Belarusian counterparts.

Activities of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship

  • ·      Protection of members’ rights and interests in governmental and other bodies, international organizations; 
  • ·      Development of social partnership system, dialogue between public and private sectors;
  • ·      Development of corporative social responsibility of business, popularization and implementation of high ethic and business principles among participants of economic activity;
  • ·      Creation and development of economic integration, subcontracting and industrial cooperation. Promotion of business infrastructure development and investments. Promotion of foreign investment inflow, micro financing, development of banking sector;
  • ·      Development of interregional relations and integration of Belarusian entrepreneurship into the global economic system;
  • ·      Organization of foreign visits of Belarusian business delegations (Poland, Latvia, Sweden, Germany, Finland, etc.)

To our foreign partners we can offer the following services:

  • ·      Consultations on setting up a business in Belarus;
  • ·      Search for business partners;
  • ·      Organization of forums, roundtables, seminars, B2B events. 

The contact network of the Confederation numbers more than 40,000 private enterprises and entrepreneurs from all regions of the country working in different spheres of business:

  • ·         manufacturing
  • ·         construction
  • ·         transport
  • ·         logistics
  • ·         trade
  • ·         legal services
  • ·         real estate
  • ·         software development
  • ·         tourism
  • ·         education
  • ·         agriculture
  • ·         show business
  • ·         sports
  • ·         etc.

We will help you find a suitable partner for implementations of joint business projects in Belarus, import or export of Belarusian and foreign products. The Confederation has a rich and successful experience in starting new joint businesses with participation of foreign investors and businessmen from different countries of Europe and other continents.

RCE actively cooperates with government authorities. Our experts participate in the work of consultative councils created under all governmental institutions. They make comprehensive proposals on enhancement of legislation in the sphere of property rights protection, fair taxation, and employment, development of entrepreneurial initiative, economy liberalization, and improvement of business climate in Belarus.

Members and experts of the Confederation take an active part in the work of the following consultative councils and task forces:

  • ·    Council on Entrepreneurship Development of the Republic of Belarus;
  • ·    Advisory Council on Entrepreneurship Development under the Eurasian Economic Commission;
  • ·    Advisory Council on Public Private Dialogue under the Eurasian Economic Commission;
  • ·    Expert Council on State Programs under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus;
  • ·    Republican Labor Arbitrage;
  • ·    Anti-Corruption Council under the Office of Attorney General of the Republic Belarus;
  • ·    Commission on Entrepreneurship Support of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus;
  • ·    United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. 

Representative Office in the Republic of Latvia

 Tel.:  GSM: +37122025857, e‑mail: The head of the office – Andris Spulis.