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The Belarusian business delegation for the 3rd Eastern Partnership Business Forum “Cooperation Across Borders: Eastern Partnership and Beyond” to the Latvia
(Riga, May, 20.05. – 23.05.2015)

1. “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship”, Association of Legal Entities (RCE ALE)

11 –115, Serafimovicha str.,
220033, Minsk, Belarus
Tel./fax: +37517 298 24 41, 298 24 47

Contact persons: Vladimir Karyagin – Chairman of the Presidium of RCE ALE; ViktarMargelovchairman of RCE ALE(2015), Nicolay Silinov– Co-Chairman of RCE ALE; IharCherniakou - Co-chairman of RCE ALE.

Association of legal entities “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship” (hereinafter referred to as Confederation) was established on August 2nd, 2007 in Minsk on the initiative of regional and sectoral business associations. “National Business Platform of Belarus” became the uniting concept of the Confederation. Annually business community presents the Platform to the Government, governmental bodies of the Republic of Belarus, foreign partners and general public. Leading industry business associations and economic enterprises are members of the Confederation.
• protection of members’ rights and interests in governmental and other bodies
• representation of business community interests in international organizations
• preparation of draft laws
• development of interregional relations
• integration of Belarusian entrepreneurs into the global economic system
• development of social partnership system, promotion of dialogue between business community, government and society
• promotion of economic reforms aimed at improving efficiency of economic entities’ activity
• development of private-public partnership system in the Republic of Belarus
• creation of a republican business network
• promotion of regional and sectoral business associations development
• consolidation of the business community
• making suggestions to the government bodies on the improvement of business development conditions, first of all – presentation of “National Business Platform of Belarus” (see the text at and its promotion on republican and regional levels.
Business bodies under foundation within the framework of the Confederation:
• Chamber of exporters
• Chamber of importers
• Chamber of investors
• Guild of motorway service
• Association of trade enterprises
Centres within the framework of the Confederation:
• Centre of property rights, rights of managers and entrepreneurs
• Analytical centre for studying problem issues of individual entrepreneurship
• Centre of cluster development
• Centre of technology transfer
• Centre of export support
• Centre of Intercultural Dialogue and Social Initiatives
Associations within the framework of the Confederation:
• Association of logistics
• Association of procurers and processors of waste products
• Association of poultry-keeping enterprises

The Expert Council on Investments in the Republic of Belarus is an institution under the Confederation the mission of which is to select investment projects in Belarus, promote investment activity and the development of the national business network. The Council will submit the projects selected to the foreign investors.
Representative office in Latvia
Rankas 2A,
Rīga, Latvija, LV1005
Tel.: +371-22025857
Head – AndrisSpulis

Representative office of the Belarusian economy in Germany
Messe-Allee 2, D-04356, Leipzig, Deutschland
тел.: +49 341 6031704,
факс +49 341 6031405
Head–Viktar Serenkov

Representative in China – Igor Babak

Informational resources of the RCE: weekly analytical bulletin “Announcement of Business Events” (“Announcement of Business Events of Belarus”, “Business navigator” (direct to 20,000 subscribers), newspaper “Soyuz predprinimatelei”).
We offer to entrepreneurs from different countries to implement joint projects with Confederation and members of our organization.
We offer to our partners support in promotion of their products at Belarusian and other markets, opportunities to install business contacts all over the Belarus.
We will present investment projects selected by the Expert Council on Investments in the Republic of Belarus.

2. «Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers»,
Public Association (MCAEE, PA)
11 – 104, Serafimovicha str.,
220033 Minsk Belarus
Tel./Fax: +37517 298 24 38, 298 24 48
Contact person: Vladimir Karyagin – Chairman of the Association, Deputy chairman of Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers), and Chairman of Presidium of Association of Legal Entities “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship”
Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers is a non-governmental and non-for-profit organization. It was founded in 1997 and consolidates founders, heads and leading specialists of enterprises of small-, medium-sized and large business, including joint ventures and foreign companies. The information network has over 25 000 partners.
PA MCAEE is an active member of ANO “Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers)”, Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and European Confederation of Associations of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (CEA-PME), Club of Poznan Office of World Trade Centre (WTC-Poznan). Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers is one of the largest, most influential and active associations of business community in Belarus. Being an integrator of Belarusian entrepreneurial movement, MCAEE showed its initiative to create the program document “Belarus National Business Platform”. MCAEE actively promotes Platform ideas on national and local levels. Initiator of creation and one of founders of ALE “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship”.
International programs of PA MCAEE give a real chance to find business partners, meet new business ideas, standards and technologies. MCAEE holds contact exchanges, visits of international exhibitions and fairs, foreign business trips (annually from 15 to 25), business missions and meetings with foreign business delegations in Belarus.
Our aims are:
• assistance in export of goods and services of the Association‘s members,
• support of investors, joint entrepreneurship, development of economic integration
• participation in international division of labor.
We offer to our potential partners: assistance in searching for business contacts, investment projects, promotion of goods and services to Belarusian and other markets; information and marketing assistance, affirmation of reputation of Belarusian companies.
We offer support in protection of rights and representation of interests and government level.
We are ready to cooperate with national, regional and branch- associations of entrepreneurs and employers.
We offer to entrepreneurs from abroad the implementation of mutual projects with our Association members.

We look forward to working with you.

3. Entrepreneurship Supporting Centre “CENTRE XXI CENTURY”, SLC
11 – 114, Serafimovicha str.,
220033, Minsk, Belarus
Tel\fax: +375 17 298 24 46
Contact person: Halina Ilyashchuk – director

“Centre XXI century” was established in 1988.
Field of activity:
• Organization of business summits, seminars, conferences, company presentations, contact exchanges in Belarus. Co-organizer of international conferences “Bank, capital and investments for business and regions” and “Commercial real estate in Belarus: Possibilities and prospects for investors”;
• Presentation of interests of International Poznan Fairs (IPF) in Belarus;
• Information bureau of IPF, organizational support of trips to Poznan fairs;
• Information and consulting support for foreign companies while entering the Belarusian market;
• Holding of presentation workshops of goods and services;
• Editorial office of newspaper “Association of entrepreneurs”;

4. Editorial office of “Association of entrepreneurs” newspaper
11 – 114, Serafimovicha str.,
220033, Minsk, Belarus
Tel./fax: +375 17 298 24 46, +375 17 298 24 38
Contact persons: Halina Ilyashchuk – editor in chief, BarysZaleski – first deputy of editor in chief.
Newspaper of Association of legal entities “Republican confederation of entrepreneurs”, PA “Minsk capital association of entrepreneurs and employers”, ESC “Center XXI century”.

Circulation: from 5000 to 10000 copies.
Print: full-color and (or) black and white. Delivers all over the Belarus territory by subscription, through regional and branch business-associations and at the biggest exhibitions in Republic Belarus.
Welcome to cooperation: business – associations, banks, enterprises and organizations, industrialists and entrepreneurs, advertising agency. We provide advertising services, accept offers on edition of special newspapers for customer and his events.

5. Latinserviss – 2000”, unitary enterprise

3, Tatarskaya,str. offices 102-103
220035, Minsk, Belarus
Tel/fax: +375172265042
Mobile BLR: +375296765440
Mobile Latvia: +37129843622

Contact person: Kima Elvira – founder.

Has been working in tourism since 1994.
Since November 2008 “Latinserviss-2000” has been the representative of the info centre of Yurmala City Duma in the Republic of Belarus. For 18 years “Latinserviss-2000” has been specialized in organization of recreation in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, etc. Besides, we offer individual tours to Europe, exotic countries, seaside recreation. Our company is always ready to provide a wide variety of services on best prices.

6. «Eurostyl» LLC

10a-1 Karbysheva str.
246000, Homel, Belarus
phone/fax: +375 23 24 71112
Director: Sergey Saranchuk

Contact person: Alkajy Shady Waled – vice director

The company is interested in establishing partnership relations, exchange of experience, investment,trade and economic cooperation, including in the framework of the implementation of Eastern Partnership projects.

7.Electro Stroy Opt”, LLC
1 “j”, Leninskaya str.,
213533, Cherikov, Mogilev region, Belarus,
Tel.\fax: +375224331109

Contact person: Siarhei Maslakou – director, Viktar Saldatsenka – executive director.

Main types of activity:
Wooden constructions from rounded log;
Engineering, electric wiring, sanitary works.

8. Private unitary production enterprise “MOBILESERVICE” Marat Azarau”

Kholmogorskayastr., 80 – 3 В,
220137, Minsk, Belarus
Tel/fax: +375172773003
GSM: +375296065533

Contact person: Marat Azarau - founder and General director

Private unitary production enterprise “MOBILESERVICE” Marat Azarau” is one of leading representatives of the furniture industry of the Republic of Belarus of private ownership, established in 1992.
The company is equipped with modern high-tech equipment (made in Germany, Italy, etc.), its production and non-production facilities occupy more than 7 thousand square meters.
Founder and General Director of the company, Marat Azarau, provides legal management group of companies "Mobileservice": UE, "Mealservice plus", LLC "Mobileservice" and private enterprise "Mealservice plus facades".
The company owns several shops, trading subsidiary companies with a distribution network. Its Sells its products mainly in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.
Has, since February 2010, the International certificate of compliance

Main activities:

1) The production line furniture products, furniture
2) The production of furniture for individual orders.

The range of manufactured products is varied and can satisfy the most demanding customers. When designing the furniture and its permanent modifications, we strive to combine practicality, quality and the most affordable prices.The company's turnover (2014).amounted, together with affiliated companies, about 50 billion BYR

For the purpose of business diversification, the company acquired in November 2011, at a public auction, children's recreation camp "the Seagull" (Brest region, on the shore of the reservoir "HAT") for the development of a new activity in the field of tourism. "Manor Seagull" will be a complex object, with 350 people vacationers that will be successfully combined three types of business tourism, restaurant and hotel. The building is planned to build the best contemporary European counterparts.

CUP “Mealservice” offers potential partners: participation on mutually beneficial conditions in the construction and further operation of the object "Estate of Chayka", with the profit to equity ratio.

9. «Aquamasterbel » LLC

80, Holmogorskya str., office 3-B
Tel./ fax +375172663866
GSM: +375296065533

Contact name: Sheleh Eduard, chairman

«Aquamasterbel» since 2005 engaged in reconstruction and construction pools, water parks and the aquatic center. Assistance in the design, selection, payment and selling , equipment and accessories for swimming pools, warranty and after sales service.
Our services:
•Assisted in the design;
•Selection, calculation and sale of equipment and accessories for swimming pools;
•Warranty and post-warranty service.
« Aquamasterbel » since 2012 company is also Inaleks Energy, activities which is connected with the use of alternative energy from the sun, wind and water. Perform calculation, selection and installation of solar collectors, solar panels and wind generators. Decision custom projects.
We are invited to cooperation!

¬¬ 10.ALKID”. Scientific and production company, LLC.

6, Lesnaya str.,
Korolev Stan village, Minsk region,Belarus
223027, Minsk area, Belarus
Office: 2, Lineynaya,
Zhdanovichivillage, Minsk region, Belarus
Tel./fax: + 37517 5077190; + 37517 5077191;
Contact persons: Vladimir Sokhadze – director, Volha Ivanova – deputy director.
Alkid» Scientific and Production Company (Republic of Belarus) specializes in production, development and research of waterproofing materials based on bitumen.

Since its establishment, the company grew to become one of the most reputed manufacturers both in the domestic market and abroad.

Currently we produce:
— «Autocrin»® and «Autofix»® (CBPM), cold-applied waterproofing and roofing plastic bitumen mastics for construction industry;
— «Autocrin aqua» (CBPE), water-emulsion bitumen and plastic bitumen mastics for construction and road construction industry.

Alkid’s interest area includes:
— export of own products;
— import of raw materials and equipment service of dealer

11/34, Nekrasov str.,
220040, Minsk, Belarus
Tel./Fax: +375172904838 +375172907677

Contact person: Liudmila Tanina – General director

LTD“Lightmagic” has been working in the market of the Republic of Belarus and abroad for over 20 years. Our organization has its own scientific and technical base, which provides a complete cycle of manufacturing holographic production from design development to final products.Highly-qualified staffensurethe conformance of productsto the world level. Thetechnologiesandthe main productsdesigned by LTD“Lightmagic” are protected by patentsissuedby the Centerof IntellectualProperty of the Republicof Belarus. The current company'squality management systemis certified according toSTBISO 9001-2009.
LTD"Lightmagic" offersauto-adhesive self-destructing hologram with a logoof the customer, which can serveas:
• the protection of any type of document from illegal opening - self-destroying and auto-sealing stickers;
• a brand and trendy mark;
• for identification of documents;
• to confirm the authenticity of the document;
• to protectthe authenticity offinancial andconfidential documents;
• the protection of archival documents
2. The second area of activity is the production of imagehologram.In this case,hologramof any configurationand of different formatsare applied toprintingsubstrate (booklets, greeting cards, invitations, diplomas, certificates, etc.) in order to enhancethe perceptionof image.
3. The hologram on a stand with a variety of themes. There is a possibility to use the options proposed by the customer.
4. Art hologrammade in a frame (insize of30 *40 cm, 60 *90 cm). The original three-dimensional hologram can become a wonderfulelement ofinterior decoration , or the unique giftwith due regard to customer’s interests and needs.
Holographicproducts, made by LTD“Lightmagic”, areoriginal,unique andpresent ahigh level of scientific researchdevelopmentand nanotechnology, a sample of the latestapproach to design.
We offer Latvian partners to join us in arranging an exhibition of art hologram in Jurmala in summer, 2015. LTD"Lightmagic" has a great experience in organizing and conducting such activities, the concept of the exhibition is not only the popularization of holography as a physical process, but also the expansion of the boundaries of cultural interaction between the countries.

The Belarusian party has a wide range of holographic exhibits and the necessary equipment.

12) “Profit Union”, Private trade-manufacturing enterprise
20-5, Moskovskaya str.
220007, Minsk, Belarus
Tel./Fax: +375172242408 +3751632337

Contact person: Bialko Sviatlana – director of board

The company has its own hotel building in the town of Ruzhany (Brest region). The hotel has convenient geographic position close to the convenient geographic position close to the highways to Grodno and Brest. The unique building was constructed in the early 19th century. The hotel capacity is 32 persons. The ground floor has a grocery store. The hotel has a parking for cars and trucks.
The city centre has a unique historic sight – Sapega’s castle, constructed in 15th century . This is a unique building with extraordinary architecture. The lake Papernia is situated several km away from Ruzhary. Next to the lake there’s a National Bank resort that offers water park, sauna, billiards hall.
We are read.

13) Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE)

2, Kazintca str., office 200,
220099, Minsk, Belarus
Telephone: +375173093285
Fax: +375173093739
Tel./Fax: +375172244825
e-mail:; a/

Contact person: Salikau Arkadzi - chairman

Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) is the only commodity exchange in the Republic of Belarus and one of the largest spot exchanges in Eastern Europe. BUCE’s main function is assisting Belarusian companies with sales of their products in foreign markets and helping foreign companies to access the Belarusian market.

Founded in 2004 BUCE is primarily focused on the spot market – that is when commodities are traded with an expectation of actual delivery, as opposed to a commodity future market when purchased goods are usually not delivered.
All trading sessions are held by electronic means via Internet, which enables a sustainable growth of exchange turnover, a steady inflow of clients and gradual expansion of the client geography.

Structure-wise BUCE is subdivided into the following sections:

1. Metal products. Ferrous metals (over 400 thousand tons a year, 20% of the entire national market), non-ferrous metals (about 20 thousand tons), coal (about 40 thousand tons), coke (in excess of 20 thousand tons), electrical products.
2. Agricultural products. Casein, milk powder, butter, cheese, cottage cheese, butter and canola rapeseed, flour, cereals, hides of cattle, cattle meat and pork, sugar, and salt.
3. Timber. Pulp wood, saw-timber, plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, and paper.
4. Industrial and consumer goods. The electronic subsystem of auctions with industrial and consumer goods works on-line around the clock and allows to sell and buy goods of the widest range from anywhere in the world where there is the Internet, both with the help of a special purpose software or an interface of an Internet browser. A distinctive feature of this trading subsystem is a possibility to place additional textual and graphical information about the product in the application.
The list of commodities eligible for trading at the exchange encompasses some 3000 commodity items.

BUCE offers logistics services and has a wide network of the exchange warehouses. Thanks to such warehouses any product purchased via the exchange can be collected by the buyer either in his own country or as closely as possible to the desired location. As of yet, foreign exchange warehouses are registered in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Germany.

BUCE has branches in all regional centers of the Republic of Belarus and offices in Russia, Lithuania and Latvia.

BUCE is one of two operators of electronic trading platforms (ETP)
forelectronicauctionsundergovernmentprocurementcontracts.Foreign companies that have an electronic digital signature (EDS) issued by BUCE Certifying Authority can participate in government procurements in the Republic of Belarus on the same terms as domestic companies.

BUCE is a full-fledged member of the following international organizations:
International Association of Exchanges of the Commonwealth of Independent States (since 2008), Inter-exchange Electronic Union (since 2011), Association of Futures Markets (since 2011).

BUCE’s key advantages:
• market pricing;
• wide range of tradable commodities;
• access to thousands of potential buyers and sellers;
• free accreditation;
• ability to conclude multiple transactions within a short period of time;
• complete security of exchange transactions;
• expert examination of exchange commodities;
• transportation and logistics services,
• exchange arbitration.
More detailed information about BUCE and latest statistics can be found here¬¬¬ at Accreditation and EDS issuing procedures are described at

14) “OSKAR-ART”, Limited liability company
8 – 16, Timoshenko str.
220140, Minsk, Belarus
Tel./fax: +375 17 256 58 40, +375 17 256 58 41, +375 17 256 58 47
Contact person: Vadzim Hudvilovich– director
“Oskar-Art” has worked at Belarusian advertising market since 2003
Fields of activity:
- advertisement in Minsk metro;
- urgent printing;

Business offers:
1. Positioning of advertisement in Minsk metro through different media:
• A4 sheets
• line above the door
• compound poster-newspaper
2. Positioning of advertisement in Minsk metro on billboards (2/1m);
3. Positioning of advertisement at the entrance of Minsk metro;
4. Fast printing on XEROX DC 800 machine. High quality and speed (2400 copies per hour).

15) «Ekohome», LLC

14-2a Komunisticheskya str.
220030, Minsk, Belarus
Phone: +375172906539

Contact person: Shkalenka Tatsiana –manager

Projects of wooden houses. Wooden house – 100% ecological housing. Select the project of a wooden house from more than 100 options. Wooden houses from log, profiled bars. Custom design home long building.
We invite to cooperation!

16) Ice hockey club “Junost”

3-Pervomaiskaya str.
220000, Minsk, Belarus
Phone: +375172945031
GSM: +375296100448

Contact person: Poltorzhitskaya Ksenia- chairman

Proposed potential-partners cooperation in the field of sports tourism, aerobics, healthy lifestyle.

17) “Alexfoodservice” DLC

15-51 Promyshlenaya str.
220000, Minsk, Belarus
Phone/fax: +375173800375

Contact person: Galenchik Alexandr- director

Main types of activity:
• Production, promotion and wholesale of food products – baby food;
• Retail trade of food products (grocery retail chain)
Interested in trade cooperation.

18) “YAST-kom”- Private unitary production and trade enterprise

44A- Frunze av.
210000, Vitebsk, Belarus
Phone/fax: +375212237264

Contact person: Shalyha Siarhei – director

We invite potential partners to cooperate in the field of woodworking, catering, hospitality industry. Ready to explore proposals about the organization of production in Latvia.

19) “MegaStroyplus” - Private unitary production and trade enterprise

5A-Korotkaya str.
210000, Postavy, Vitebsk region, Belarus
Phone: +375297195994

Contact person: Obukhovich Viktoriia – director

Wholesale and retail trade in building and finishing materials.
We invite to cooperation!

20) JV “Belvacuumpak”, LLC

1/3-58 Kulman str.,
Minsk Belarus, 220013
Tel.: +375 17 2926392,
Fax: +37517 2846961

Contact person: Mikhail Rykouski – director; Ihar Rykhouski – deputy director

The company is interested in business talks on the following issues:

1) Packaging. Plastic packets and sheeting.
2) Packaging equipment for production of packets.